Tipping Points

Publication and Short Animations

In this publication, I embark on a transformative journey through healthcare, exploring how human activity reshapes our planet and impacts healthcare systems. The atlas guides us through contrasting perspectives, delving into the media's role in shaping these views.

I begin with the Amazon Rainforest and Taobao village, where deforestation is viewed differently locally and globally. The publication examines the interconnectedness of various issues and their effects on different levels.

I question the notion of utopia and its attainability through the lens of Inadequativism, Bioconservationism, Utopia, and Transhumanism. The exploration leads us to consider a future compass, predicting possible scenarios based on past events and gathered information. Circulating through different rooms representing diverse issues, I confront two political alternatives: techno-totalitarianism and bioconservationism economics. The project explores the fine line between the human entity and the post-human future, questioning whether the post-human condition leads to utopia or dystopia. Ultimately, "The Future of Healthcare" challenges us to look beyond conventional solutions, encouraging a deeper understanding of the complex relationship between human activity, healthcare, and the future of our planet.

The vision is to forge a harmonious and integrated system within the city building, with healthcare as the centrepiece. The pursuit is a healthy society wherein each individual's well-being contributes to the greater whole. As global climate concerns persist, I acknowledge the need to reconnect with nature and address challenges collectively.

Inspired by the quarantine experience, I aim to enhance life quality individually and holistically as a community. The proposal entails traversing various contextual scales represented by distinct rooms and exploring refined approaches to elevate healthcare norms.

The future of healthcare lies not in dismantling existing systems but in collaborative endeavours among governments, payers, providers, and local communities. I advocate healthcare focused on health outcomes, embracing complete interoperability to harness technological potential. Together, I strive to dismantle barriers, seamlessly merging health and lifestyle, ushering in transformative changes for a healthier, unified world.

Year : 2020

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