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Taara, the premier Ray-Ban reseller in Bangkok, Thailand, prides itself on its newly established brand that exudes trust and quality. As we navigate the market with slightly higher-priced products, building a strong brand trust is our foremost concern.

Our well-thought brand identity showcases a clean and bold branding approach, instilling confidence in our customers. The Taara logo, cleverly representing a pair of glasses, offers a crystal-clear representation of our core product. Combining Indigo blue and bright gold on a pristine white-greyish backdrop, our artwork conveys sophistication and assurance.

In line with our commitment to customer-centricity, we keep the artwork uncluttered, allowing users to focus on what truly matters - finding the perfect eyewear that complements their vision and style. With Taara, you can be assured that your vision is our passion, and we are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled eyewear experience.

Year : 2022

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