TEKA Thailand 

Social Media Visual Designer  and Content Creator

As part of a marketing agency, I had the privilege of collaborating with TEKA, a renowned global kitchen appliances brand, with a clear ambition of making a strong impression in the luxury market. With strict brand guidelines, our task was to maintain an aura of elegance and exclusivity on their social media platforms.

Facebook Community and Engagement: Facebook was strategically positioned as the dedicated community space for TEKA. To foster engagement, we crafted captivating activities and exciting giveaways to encourage interaction among their followers. This approach helped nurture a loyal community of TEKA enthusiasts, further strengthening their brand presence.

Instagram Gallery of Aesthetics: On Instagram, we carefully curated text-less artworks to appeal to users who appreciate aesthetics and fine craftsmanship. The platform served as an exclusive gallery, showcasing TEKA's sophisticated products in a visually alluring manner, resonating with luxury-seeking audiences.

Our collaboration with TEKA allowed us to play with time-sensitive content, ensuring the brand stayed relevant and on-trend. By staying attuned to the latest market trends, TEKA showcased its adaptability and commitment to staying at the forefront of luxury appliances. The project resulted in a successful manifestation of TEKA's high-end image, with Facebook serving as a thriving community space and Instagram as an exclusive gallery of refined aesthetics. The time-sensitive and on-trend content further bolstered TEKA's appeal in the luxury market, cementing their position as a leading brand in the industry.

Year : 2022-2023

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