Packaging design

Roys, a renowned cleaning service, seeks to expand its income by selling their high-quality cleaning products. With a new target audience in mind - fresh graduates living alone in condominiums - Roys aims to revamp their packaging to suit this demographic. As these young professionals already hire Roys for their cleaning needs, the brand's trustworthiness is well-established.

The primary focus is to design packaging that complements well-decorated rooms in minimal and clean aesthetics. Old images of cleaning equipment will be removed to maintain a modern and sophisticated look. Instead, illustrations will be utilized to visually communicate the purpose of each product, ensuring clarity for users.

A key element in the redesign is matching the text color of each product with its respective color. This deliberate choice minimizes the risk of product misuse, making it easier for users to identify and select the appropriate cleaning solution.

The new packaging design for Roys' cleaning products will not only attract the attention of the targeted group but also serve as a seamless extension of the brand's reliable cleaning services, building on their existing trust in Roys.

Year : 2022

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