Rak na YUPP 2M subscribers 

Live Session/ Project Manager / Prop Stylist

YUPP!, a collaboration project between ‘RAP IS NOW’ and ‘NINO’ to support the young generations and push them to become well known artists. 
RukNaYupp is a unique live session dedicated to YUPP artists, BenBizzy, Autta, Milli, and NameMT, specially crafted for Valentine's Day. The event offers an array of engaging activities for fan clubs to interact with their beloved artists. As part of the work scope, our primary responsibility is to meticulously oversee and manage the live session, ensuring a seamless and problem-free experience for both the artists and their dedicated fanbase.

Full Live can be view on Facebook YUPP Fanpage!  #รักนะยัป2ล้านซับ
Year : 2021

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