Like Office

Product Photoshoot Art Director

Like Office is a specialized office supplies brand catering to businesses, situated in Bangkok. It aims to revolutionize conventional B2B office supplies by infusing a sense of enjoyment and vibrancy into office environments. The overarching objective is to establish a distinctive identity for office supplies.

During the photoshoot, meticulous efforts were invested in categorizing products into different sets, ranging from individual items to larger ensembles. The selection of props and backgrounds was meticulously curated to align with the desired mood for each set. The project faced the challenge of time constraints, as a substantial number of products required efficient time management. Precise preparation for each set was imperative to achieve the envisioned outcome.

The successful execution of this endeavor owes credit to the collaboration of key individuals, including photographer K. Ounn and prop stylist K. Budsiri. Their collective expertise and contributions were instrumental in bringing the envisioned concept to life.

Year : 2021

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