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Architectural Conceptual Design

Thailand’s street food plays a crucial role in its tourism economy, attracting numerous visitors seeking an authentic experience. However, some residents express concern as they believe the walkways should be accessible to all Thais rather than serving as free spaces for street vendors.

Initially, the Thai government attempted to remove street vendors and reclaim the walkways. However, this move harmed the tourist economy, as tourists expect vibrant streets filled with vendors during their visits. To strike a balance, the government now aims to designate legal vending spaces, though not in the Ari area.

Due to limited space in Ari, the government implemented a new rule to organize the streets. Street vendors were required to have proper stalls and were instructed to wear shirts per the designated colour for each day. This measure aimed to enhance the aesthetics and efficiency of the street while maintaining a distinct and orderly atmosphere.

However, Will there be a gap to sneak through some others?

By understanding and respecting the street rules in Ari, vendors can create a functional vending experience while maintaining their location. They can creatively use the rules, such as wearing designated shirts, to improve their stalls’ efficiency and offer customers a diverse experience. A new vending stall design should consider space limitations and adapt to the varying rules to optimize business operations. For instance, following the width and depth dimensions of the stall but extending the height, as there are no rules on this one. Striking a balance between compliance and flexibility enables vendors to thrive while preserving the street’s vibrant atmosphere.

Year : 2019

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