Social Media Visual Designer and Packaging design

For Kebbio, a brand committed to crafting fresh, organic cashew milk daily, the design approach centers on reflecting their core values of health and sustainability. With a belief that what's good for the body should be good for the planet, the mission is to elevate the standard of living in health and wellness for all, including marginalized populations.

The Instagram design for Kebbio aligns with their minimal, healthy, and clean lifestyle representation. Using infographics and captivating images, the focus is on fostering a mood that encourages consumers to embrace a wellness-oriented lifestyle. The design aims to make healthy living feel accessible and affordable, cultivating a sense of trust and affinity with the brand.

The product design continues the theme of minimalism and reflects Kebbio's commitment to quality and sustainability. Each element is thoughtfully curated to convey a sense of freshness and organic goodness. Through clean aesthetics and informative labeling, the packaging reinforces the product's ingredients, inviting consumers to embrace a healthier lifestyle without compromising on taste or the planet.

Year : 2020

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