Hummus BKK

Social Media Visual Design

Hummus Bangkok, a Chiang Mai-based Middle Eastern cloud kitchen, ventures to introduce vegetarian options with a contemporary touch. In pursuit of broadening their target audience, the primary focus is to create a clean and visually engaging photo-based social media strategy. Since hummus is relatively unfamiliar to Thai people, the goal is to make it more relatable and appealing by incorporating Thai-designed elements to build a unique brand identity.

The social media strategy is to captivate and involve the audience, Hummus Bangkok's social media will showcase appetizing, high-quality photos of their delectable dishes. The focus will be on presenting the modern twist on Middle Eastern cuisine in an inviting and accessible manner, encouraging viewers to explore and try something new.

Infusing Thai Design Elements to bridge the cultural gap and resonate with Thai audiences, Thai design elements will be thoughtfully integrated into the social media visuals. This infusion will add a sense of familiarity and authenticity, making the brand more relatable and appealing to the local market.

Year : 2022

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