Business model Proposal

Hooliday addresses the challenges Gen Z travellers face by offering a one-stop solution for planning, booking, and managing their trips. With a user-friendly interface, travel- lers can effortlessly select their desired destinations, and intelligent algorithms generate personalised itineraries based on their interests, preferences, and constraints. Hooliday handles all aspects of the trip, including flights, hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, transportation, suitable time slots, and detailed information about each location's history and significance.

By catering to this growing market segment, our platform has a tremendous opportunity for growth and capturing a significant market share. Hooliday will initially focus on B2C operations and will eventually integrate with B2B.

Hooliday is revolutionising how new generations plan and experience their trips. We aim to provide a seamless travel booking and planning experience by integrating convenience and personalisation.
Unlike traditional travel agencies that impose pre-determined itineraries, Hooliday empowers users to create personalised travel experiences tailored to their interests and preferences.

Hooliday empowers explorers to venture on truly personalised holidays, connects travellers with local experts, unlocking hidden gems and delivering authentic experiences tailored to individual interests.

With our platform and insider knowledge, we are redefining how people travel, offering unforgettable and unique experiences beyond the ordinary. Seamlessly book flights, accommodations, and local activities all in one area, eliminating the hassle of travel planning.

Be the first to discover hidden gems and join us in shaping the future of travel exploration.

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Year : 2023

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