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Architectural Conceptual Design

    Looking into the meme’s cultural unit and its potential relationship to a unit of architecture. The concept of the meme, as a fusion of types and techniques, will inject cultural content into a material-based design and experimentation studio driven by brand genetics. This leveraged a biological framework where the concepts of the genes, norms and memes of business help speculate which tangential species exist from the departure point of pre-existing business models.

  • Select (Thinx® Period Underwear)
    This transitive ability of design presents evidence that a brand, although an immaterial concept, can materialize through auxiliary types. Genetic information influences operations and output regardless of scale, medium or hierarchy. Straight Forward, Equality, Zero-waste, Understanding, Technology and Charitable.

  • Evolve (Material Memes)
    Consider a material choice and an experiment’s justification as affirmative statements about architectural relevance within the project context. In their materiality and programmatic suggestion, components should contain genetic characteristics replicated from source material. Using a sponge to represent the absorb ability of Thinx characteristics and combine it with clear resin and a unique sewing method, creating a transformable shape.

  • Proliferate (Contemporary Business Futures)
    Dedicated to designing a future enterprise using the source materials of any or all contemporary candidates to produce an architectural proposal that positions the business/brand against future private/public space. Thinx customers are mainly women, and a big crisis now is that the prices of tampons are too high, which makes them unaffordable for some people. A campaign incorporated with Thinx itself could lead it to prove its identity, for example, understanding and equality, that it claimed to have already. The designing space can be adapted to use with the design of a new brand campaign and how the material and its method fit and match the brand identity.
Year : 2018

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