Fashion Revolution Thailand

Social Media Visual Design

Fashion Revolution Thailand, a non-profit organization, seeks dedicated volunteers to create impactful social media content. As part of a global movement advocating for fair and sustainable fashion, the main goal is to raise awareness within the fashion industry, making the content easily understandable and shareable to a broader audience.

The challenge lies in delivering powerful and visually striking media that captures attention and drives engagement. The design will focus on vibrant headings, ensuring clarity and legibility even without zooming. Aesthetics will be carefully curated to create an impactful and visually appealing experience.

Collaborating with volunteers from diverse backgrounds necessitates clear communication of ideas. Infographics and diagrams will play a crucial role, simplifying complex concepts into easily digestible visuals. The content will foster a sense of community, empowering individuals to take action for a fashion industry that values people and the planet. The project will yield an empowering content collection that not only educates about sustainable fashion but also resonates with viewers, urging them to join the Fashion Revolution movement and be part of the change.

Year : 2022

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