Anastasia Miaray Thailand

Social Media Visual Designer and Content Creator

Anastasia MIARAY Thailand, an exclusive brand under Anastasia Beverly Hills, caters to the Asian market with a refined identity. Specializing in eyebrow waxing services and product sales, the brand offers customers a luxurious and elegant experience.

Elevating the Asian Elegance: The primary goal of the project is to infuse the brand with an Asian touch while maintaining the essence of elegance. The challenge lies in working with a strict font and color scheme to avoid mundane content. Instead, we aim to use innovative layouts and styles that generate vibrant and fresh designs, ensuring followers are captivated and engaged.

Dynamic and Vibrant Content: To avoid repetitiveness and boredom, the focus is on creating dynamic and varied content. By employing a mix of visuals, storytelling, and interactive elements, the brand's social media will exude excitement, allowing followers to look forward to new and enticing posts.

The outcome will be a sophisticated and captivating social media presence that reflects the Asian elegance of Anastasia MIARAY Thailand, while continually presenting fresh and engaging content to its followers.

Year : 2022-2023

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